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美达菲2019—2020年度结业礼圆满举行  上海美达菲学校  5天前

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A drizzle of rain brought a hint of coolness to the hot summer. With the end of the final exam, the tense nerves of the students for many days have also been temporarily relaxed, and the students ushered in the learning in a laughter The solemn and sacred moment of life-graduation ceremony.

2020年7月3日,以“志美行达 神采菲扬”为主题的美达菲2019—2020年度结业礼在上海美达菲多功能厅隆重举行,美达菲教育集团董事长、恒松资本创始人兼董事长娄刚;美达菲教育集团董事、恒松资本总裁王吉红;美达菲(中国)教育集团学监高彩霞;上海美达菲全体师生及学生家长出席此次典礼,为本学年画上了一个完美的句号。

On July 3, 2020, Macduffie 2019-2020 closing ceremony was grandly held in Shanghai Macduffie multifuntional hall. Chairman of Macduffie Education Group and founder of Hengsong Capital Lou Gang, Chairman of the Board, Director of Macduffie Education Group, Wang Jihong, President of Hengsong Capital, Gao Caixia, Superintendent of Macduffie (China) Education Group, all teachers and students of Shanghai Macduffie and parents of students attended the ceremony and painted for the school year a perfect stop.


Set a big goal



Ms. Gao Caixia, Superintendent of Medafil (China) Education Group, said that life is like flying a kite, to be ambitious and down-to-earth, Mr. Gorky once said, "The farther the goal is, the more progress people will make." Yes, the goal Will tell us what we can get, and the goal will call us to take positive action. When we have a grand vision in our minds, we can go from one success to another, seeing the scene after scene of life, and hope that our students will be aspirational as they are.

课程介绍 |科学教育成就未来

Course Introduction | Science Education

Achieves the Future



Ms. Sun Hui, Vice President of Teaching, gave a detailed introduction to the curriculum for the next semester, saying that Macduffie attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive abilities such as practical ability, communication ability, thinking ability, presentation ability, communication ability and time management ability. Cultivated by Macduffie's science:



25% of the graduates won the TOP10 university offer


72% of the graduates won the TOP30 university offer in the world


80% of the IB graduates won the top 30 American universities and the UK The G5 offer


These proud achievements all reflect the excellent teaching level of Macduffie In the future, we will redouble our efforts and create greater glories.


College guidance | Opportunities are reserved

for those who are prepared



The global epidemic has cast a shadow over the future of studying abroad. In order to give everyone a chance to see the future, Ms. Hong Yixiao, an instructor for further education, analyzed the future trends of further education and the work that students need to prepare now.

升学建议 /Suggestions for   study


Grade eleven to grade twelve:   Preparation for school selection, documents, university application form, etc.


Grade ten to grade eleven: seize the opportunity of restoring the standardized examination in China and register for the TOEFL and IELTS as soon as possible.


Grade nine to grade ten: prepare for the basic English of high school courses in advance


Holiday Code | Safety First


行政副校长郑朝武先生/Mr .Jack


校外辅导员朱警官/Police Officer Zhu


Ten Thousands of Travel, Safety First, Mr. Jack, Vice President of Administration, gave us a safety lecture. He told us to pay attention to personal safety when we travel on holidays. Our out-of-school counselor Officer Zhu also gave us a vivid legal education class. We are cautioned against fraud.


Award Ceremony|Efforts deserve to be affirmed



最激动人心的时刻无异于颁奖典礼了,有这么一批人,他们挑灯苦读,只为不妄少年梦;他们朝乾夕惕,只为不负少年志。他们在学习道路上乘风破浪,披荆斩棘,我们应该看到他们的汗水与努力,他们也值得我们学习与肯定。我们分别设置了Improvement / Excellent student leader / Well-balanced student/ Academic Excellence这四个奖项来表示对他们的鼓励,他们领奖时自信的笑颜也感染了在场的每一个人。

The most exciting moment is tantamount to the awards ceremony. There are such a group of people who choose to study hard to avoid the dreams of young people. They are vigilant at all times, only to live up to their ambitions. They ride the wind and waves on the road of learning. We must see their sweat and hard work. They are also worthy of our learning and affirmation. We have set up four awards: Improvement / Excellent student leader / Well-balanced student / Academic Excellence to express their encouragement. The confident smile at the award also affected everyone present.


Mysterious Guest|Hope and Blessing

上海美达菲外方执行校长、集团课程总监Vicki Soul 也从远方为在座的各位同学和家长送上寄语,Vicki Soul 表示今年所有人都面对着挑战,我们都经历着始料不及、未曾规划的事情,但是大家都取得了斐然的成绩,努力的完成了教学、研究、自我发展活动,最后祝愿大家结业典礼快乐,下一学年再见!

Vicki Soul, the executive principal of Shanghai Macduffie and the course director of the group, also sent a message from afar to all the students and parents present. Vicki Soul said that everyone is facing challenges this year, we have experienced unexpected and unplanned Things, but everyone has achieved remarkable results, and they have worked hard to complete teaching, research, and self-development activities. I wish you all a happy closing ceremony and see you next year!



In addition, Mr. Lou Gang, Chairman of Macduffie Education Group and founder of Hengsong Capital Lou Gang shared his educational philosophy for us. Mr. Lou said that education makes people face the future, the world is full of uncertainty, and everyone is unique. It is to keep the corners of each child and let them be the best of themselves. At the same time, students should also think about who they want to be.






Closing is not the end, but a new journey, and the road to study is long and long. Zhimeixingda, let us take our dreams as horses, and forge ahead; the spirit of "Philippines" Yang, let us youthful spirit, show the true nature of youth, Macduffie will be the most solid backing for everyone, we will use the most advanced teaching Philosophy, the most scientific management methods, provide you with the best international education, and help you realize your future.


List of winners

《Academic Excellence》

Pre-Grade9   尤佳琪angel/练林婕 Lindsey

Grade 10 -A   蒋乐Andy/张乐Icy

Grade10 -B   蒋逸飞

G11 AC         杨牧川Andrew

G11CTC        孙铭成,陈珮心

G11 IB           李睿

《Excellent Student Leader》

Pre-Grade9    赵德尊 Bill

Grade 10 -A   燕立峣Casper/赵家齐Steven

Grade10 -B    杨翔麟

G11 AC          卡木冉Carry

G11CTC         胡沁歆/李佳江


Pre-Grade9    洪煜天Timi/余书弘Audrey/戴晨茜                          蒋元政

Grade 10 -A    郑熠璇Carina/李圣越Carol/朱翊嘉

Grade10 -B     韩博成

G11 AC           王志远Scott

G11CTC          童嘉禾/胡沁歆

G11 IB             唐熙雯


Pre-Grade9     李萨Lisa/袁程羿 Martin/林小航

Grade 10 -A    崔天馨Cynthia/戴正阳David

Grade10 -B     汪昱涵

G11 AC           钟天翼Terry

G11CTC          郝钱祥/王艺锦




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