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The achievements of each of our students are inseparable from the careful training of our school. Our school strives to cultivate the qualities of community, integrity, and respect for students, and strives to cultivate students' creativity, leadership, and encourage students to pursue excellence. These core values will be implemented in the education activities of each Macduffie student.



Under the guidance of such core values, the school has carried out teaching practice for several years, and it has yielded fruitful results. We have seen that every Macduffie student has realized the ideal of further education under the careful training of the school, and went to their favorite country and university. One of the dream-seeking girls, after years of silent and persistent efforts, finally got the admission letter of   University College London, let's listen to her story.


专访人物:林诗懿 高三CTC学生


UCL(University College London)伦敦大学学院 世界排名第八位

University of Edinburgh 爱丁堡大学 世界排名第二十位

University of Manchester(2500英镑奖学金)曼彻斯特大学 世界排名第二十七位

KCL(King's College London)伦敦国王学院 世界排名第三十三位


1. 今年收到了4个大学offer,都是世界顶尖的大学,当时选择大学是出于什么考虑?

You received 4 university offers this year, all of which are top universities in the world. Why didyou choose a university at that time?


I actually wanted to go to UCL (University College London) when I was in the second year of high school. It ranked eighth in the world this year. No matter its academic atmosphere or location, it has always attracted me. In addition, University of Edinburgh's learning environment and academic status is also great, and I also like it.


2. 能被世界排名前十的UCL录取,你的学术成绩一定非常高,有什么值得分享的学习方法吗?

To be accepted by UCL, your academic score must be very high. Is there any learning method worth sharing?


In fact, it is what a student should do. Listen carefully in class, complete assignments seriously, prepare carefully for exams. There is no shortcut to study. As long as you study hard, there will be rewards. In fact, it is like the teacher requiresdon't be lazy and read more. Also understand that learning is for yourself, not for parents and teachers. Learning is to enrich and expand yourself and be responsible for yourself.


3. 你选择读经济统计这个专业的兴趣是源于哪里呢?

Why did you choose to study economic statistics?


I studied economics and business in the 11th grade. They are closely related to future trends. Whether macro or micro, they are close to life and very interesting. At the same time, I am also very interested in mathematics. It can cultivate logical thinking. The economy is biased towards the liberal arts and mathematics is the science. I hope that I can study both the liberal arts and sciences, which will be more conducive to my own development. In addition, I participated in the business competition activities organized by the school, and achieved good results through the efforts of the team. I found that business is not boring. It is based on life. These theories can help me to better understand the problems of life.


4. 你的兴趣爱好有哪些呢?

What are your hobbies?

我的兴趣爱好比较广泛,piano,horse riding,sketch, painting, ballet, basketball, swimming, volunteer and community activities。

我在业余时间主要做两件事,一件事就是去Adoption Day做志愿者,在宠物领养日上,帮助那些流浪猫和流浪狗由新的人来领养,帮助他们找到新的家庭。因为我从小就喜欢看动物科普书和纪录片,所以对这些比较感兴趣。这件事已经坚持了六七年了


My hobbies are relatively wide,such as piano,horse riding,sketch, painting, ballet, basketball, swimming, volunteer and community activities.

In my spare time, I mainly do two things. One thing is to volunteer on Adoption Day. On pet adoption day, help those stray cats and stray dogs to be adopted by new people and help them find new families. I have been interested in animal science books and documentaries since I was a child. This matter has persisted for six or seven years.

The other is fitness. When I have troubles or are in a low mood, I will relax myself and face the difficulties again. I think fitness will make you more confident.



Do you have any experiences to share when applying for school?


First of all, you must make clear what major you want to study, and then choose the school that suits you. You cannot blindly pursue rankings. Do your best to achieve the best. In addition, you can read more about professional books, or participate in activities to explore and find your own interests.



Who do you most want to thank for these achievements? What did they do for you?



The most important person that affects me is my parents. Since I was a child, my decision has been made by myself. They always respect my opinion, so I choose the school and country by myself. They encourage me to think for myself. When I hesitated, they all supported me unconditionally.In addition, I would like to thank my teachers in various disciplines, as well as Mrs. Hong, the guidance teacher. If I have any questions, she will patiently take the time to talk with me for a long time, always discussing the issues with me very seriously. When I am confused, she can also give me professional advice. My professional subject teachers are also very responsible, and I will be answered professionally when I ask them questions, such as Jin Beibei,Li Hui and Yu Huilin. Although Sun Hui is not my teacher, she will answer my question in time.


The school is based in Shanghai and faces the world. Relying on the 100-year-old advanced educational concepts and high-quality teaching resources accumulated by the US-based Macduffie School, the school is committed to providing Chinese students with outstanding teaching, academic and social services, and will cultivate more global vision and intercultural communication skills, respect for multicultural world citizens.






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